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I am a former client of John Schiro. I have him to thank for my life, and present career in the US military. I was involved in a fight of which I was not the aggressor, although others had lied to police, and had schemed to sue me, and use this as an opportunity to fake injuries and file workman's comp and I was subsequently charged with 2 felonies. I was scared, anxious, and it cost me my professional career. Thanks to John, over the next year he fought every battle for me, uncovered many discrepencies in his highly skilled cross-exam, made sure to obtain full discovery, was meticulous in forming his plan for trial, and even hired a private investigator to obtain evidence and background information on the alleged "victim" and his witnesses. I even had one of the three toughest judges in Wisconsin, and John always reassured me he knew what he was doing. Ultimately I won my case, not only in criminal court, but the subsequent restitution battles once it was shown that the alleged "victim" and his witnesses actually were not a victim and witnesses, but aggressors. It was suggested I sue them, but they had no assets. John fought hard for me and is an extremely skilled criminal defense attorney. If you are facing charges that may impact your life, I would not even hesitate to contact John Schiro.


I was involved in a pretty bad fight which turned into a criminal case and a felony battery on my name. long story short, John got all the charges dismissed proving to the state my rights and that I was in fact innocent due to self defense. I couldn't thank him enough. If it wasn't for this guy, I wouldn't be as successful as I am today, no doubt, because with a felony I would never get the job that I have now. I could tell John is very well known, and highly respected by all the court judges and DA'S that were trying to go against me. His office staff was very proffessional, and always kept me informed and updated. SCHIRO saved my life (and probably my marriage), lol. thanks again John, i'm sure you'll see this.


If you don't know this attorney, you need to! In 2001, I hired John Schiro to handle my appeal. My previous lawyer had made a mess of my case and my life, and she was completely incompetent. When I met John, I definitely didn't trust lawyers and I was skeptical of him. I quickly realized that I was dealing with a competent, knowledgeable, and honest man. His level of professionalism, at all levels of the judicial system, has earned him a great deal of respect (and believe me, our DA certainly did test the limits). John took on my case and probably, at times, wished he hadn't. It took two years of investigation, briefs, rebuttals, blood, sweat, and tears but we (he, really, but I like to take a little credit) won. My entire case was overturned based on ineffective assistance of counsel (and from what I understand, less than 5% of people actually win an appeal based on that). That information alone should have you taking a second look at this attorney! I need to add that I was originally convicted of multiple felonies and sentenced to 40 years in prison when I first hired John to help and handle my appeal. I knew I wasn't guilty and was still in a daze as to how I got to where I was. I can still remember one of the first things that he said to me, "I'm not going to lie to you and tell you everything is going to be alright because I don't know that. You are going to need the best lawyer possible, and I'm telling you that I am." Don't mistake his forthright attitude and words for arrogance. He has earned the right to make such statements because he is diligent, honest, articulate, tenacious, and the absolute best lawyer. He won't let you down. I owe Mr. Schiro my life, literally. If you hire anyone else (especially one particularly high-profile female attorney in Milwaukee), you are making a mistake. Just ask Mr. Schiro for yourself to tell you about the woman who was sentenced to 40 yrs. And everything he did to reverse her convictions. But, you will need lots of time to hear the answer.

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