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The government’s “war on drugs” is bad news for those accused of committing a drug crime. In their attempts to “clean up” Milwaukee, law enforcement officials are often overzealous in making arrests for alleged drug offenses.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need a skilled legal advocate who can represent your side of the story to a judge. Otherwise, you are at risk of severe consequences that could impact you for the rest of your life. Attorney Schiro, Milwaukee drug crime lawyer, has over four decades of experience obtaining successful verdicts on behalf of our clients.

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Under Wisconsin law, controlled substances are divided into five different schedules, or categories. The classification of each substance is determined by its potential for abuse, the likelihood that the abuse will result in psychological or physical dependence, and whether or not there is an accepted medical usage for the substance.

  • Schedule I (no accepted medical use) and Schedule II (currently accepted medical use) - substances are considered the most dangerous drugs because of their high potential for abuse. This includes drugs like LSD, PCP, THC, cocaine, morphine, opium, and codeine.
  • Schedule III, IV, and V drugs - have less potential for abuse, an accepted medical usage, and low moderate to limited risks of psychological or physical dependence.


Drug crimes can be prosecuted at the state or federal level and can be charged as a misdemeanors or felonies. The punishments for drug convictions can depend on the nature of the crime, the type and amount of the illegal substance involved and whether the incident included a minor.

Typical penalties for a drug conviction can include:

  • Prison time
  • A large fine
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Mandatory drug counseling
  • A suspended or revoked driver's license

All those who are convicted of a drug crime will also incur a criminal record, which could impact them for the rest of their life.

What Are The Different Drug Charges In Wisconsin?

Drug Possession: A Charge related to having illegal drugs for personal use. The severity of the charge can depend on the type and quantity of the drug.

Possession with Intent to Distribute: If law enforcement believes that you intended to sell or distribute drugs, you may face more severe charges than simple possession.

Drug Trafficking: Trafficking involves the transportation, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs across state lines or within the state. Penalties for trafficking are typically more severe than possession charges.

Drug Manufacturing: Manufacturing drugs involves producing illegal substances, such as cultivating marijuana or producing methamphetamine. This charge carries serious penalties.

Drug Paraphernalia Possession: Possessing items used for drug use, such as pipes, syringes, or scales, can lead to charges of drug paraphernalia possession.

Drug DUI/OWI: Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs can result in charges similar to driving under the influence of alcohol.


In Wisconsin, the law prohibits most individuals from manufacturing, distributing, delivering, dispensing, possessing, or using controlled substances. However, there are some exceptions to these rules.

Exemptions can apply for:

  • Medical practitioners
  • Persons who registered under federal law
  • Common or contract carriers or warehouse keepers
  • Persons who have a valid prescription for the substance
  • Persons authorized to use the substance in research or instruction
  • Persons who are otherwise authorized to possess the substances under federal law

Unless you fall under one of the above categories, you could be in danger of being convicted for participating in any of the activities mentioned earlier (i.e., possessing, distributing, etc.) involving a controlled substance.


Schiro Criminal Defense is here to guide you through this challenging time. When you turn your case over to us, we can begin working to gather evidence to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case against you.

In some cases, Attorney Schiro can even get evidence dismissed because of the unlawful way it was obtained. There is a range of potential defenses that could keep you out of jail and get you back to normal life.

In your time of need, count on us for legal guidance. Call (414) 277-9696 today, and let’s discuss the right way forward together.

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